We are preparing our youth and Teens for the next generation.
The Youth Ministry is designed to nurture youth and develop the total person. We endeavor to enrich our youth, spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. We purpose to build up and enable each child to become productive, successful, mighty men and women of God. We believe the Word of God that says train up a child while he is young and when he grows old he will not depart. We believe that our children are not our future, but they are the church of the NOW. We must teach, train and equip today’s youth to become productive and effective citizens and mighty warriors in the Kingdom of God.  

We must open the lines of communications between the church and our youth. We, the body of Christ must leave lasting impressions in the life of a young person. Today’s youth must feel valued, appreciated, respected and encouraged. This can only be achieved through proper guidance, nurturing, leadership and directions. We endeavor to make a difference. We endeavor to instruct and equip our youth to excel and become successful in every phase of life. 

TOP (Teens of Purpose)

Through the Word of God, we must provide the opportunity for our teens to develop and advance socially, morally, and emotionally. We must direct them in their God given purpose and help lead them to their destiny. We endeavor to provide programs that motivate, challenges, and instill positive relationships and interactions, not only in the body of Christ, but in the home, families, and communities. These programs are designed to promote confidence, build self esteem and self worth and confront day to day real life issues that threaten their success. It is our intention to produce productive well rounded teens with a purpose. We endeavor to build lasting Christian relationship and demonstrate the joy and excitement obtained in the life of a teen! 

Empowering Youth and Teens to Win!